Last year I was honored to host the WeAllGrow15 Storytellers event! In addition to working with the six tellers, I also shared my own funny parenting story about the time when, my son, DeAngelo was in 2nd grade and got asked to read a speech for MLK day at school. His teacher mistook him for being Black instead of Mexican. DeAngelo came home thoroughly convinced – “I am so proud to be African-American!” he announced. He didn’t listen to me or Patrick when we tried to explain that she made a mistake. That wasn’t a big deal, people never know our background, they always ask. But we didn’t want DeAngelo to be confused. Honestly, we were confused! We raised him on all things Latino, our art, food, but all I could think was, “Did I ever sit him down and tell him point blank, you are Mexican-American?” So much self-doubt set in! But this wasn’t about me, it was about DeAngelo. Patrick had to go into the classroom and find a non-awkward way to bring up the topic to his teacher. She laughed and corrected DeAngelo. She said she assumed we were a biracial family since Patrick “had dreadlocks and wore a cowrie shell necklace and because DeAngelo was dark complexioned.” The experience actually brought us all closer through laughter and storytelling. DeAngelo read his speech and spent the entire next week informing EVERYONE: “I’m not African-American, I’m Mexican-American!” My message was that as parents we don’t always have control over how our kids process information. We can only do our best to offer a steady stream of positive reinforcement, right? We used to call DeAngelo “Just the wrong facts, ma’am” Murillo. Thankfully these days he has worked that all out…LOL

LINK if you can’t see the video below

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