My friend Alexa from SwellDesigner passed this poster from Holstee around recently and reading it gave me goosebumps! I know a lot of it seems easier said than done, but I believe if you focus on the GOOD things and making positive changes, it will help improve the overall situation.
I’m thinking of writing this out on a large canvas for my art studio!  Hmm…or better yet…
Why don’t we each write our own manifesto? According to Wikipedia, a manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. It’s as simple as a list of goals and guidelines to help you focus on your life’s big picture destination.
Have a destination in mind in everything we do. Seriously – plant a picture in your head, and SEE it. Every day we are moving forward, but where are we going, what are we looking forward to? Life shouldn’t be about getting through each day, it should be about living with adventure, capturing moments and memories as we make our way to the finish line, whatever that may be.
A manifesto is a sort of a reminder to stay on your very own yellow brick road.
Try this exercise wherever you need it most. It can be for life in general, or for your career, parenting, blogging/web site, health plan, business – whatever you want!
Here are some ways to be creative with your manifesto:
– You can be serious or lighthearted. There are no rules!
– Buy a blank book and make an art journal. Each spread can be a collage that goes with the message.
– Make your own by-the-day calendar using Post-It Notes.
– Use a dry erase marker and write it on the mirror in your bathroom.
– Use puffy paint or letter stamps and write it on toss pillows on your bed, or around a lampshade – or a window shade!
– Grab a black marker and hand write it on a blank canvas (I’m going to do this one!)
– Blog, FB or tweet it, share it with your friends and family.
– Record a video and give it to your loved ones.
– Instead of writing it alone, create your manifesto with your spouse, kids, parents, best friends, etc, that way you can help eachother follow it!
If you were to write your own manifesto, what statements would you include? (Psstt…if you aren’t into all the work, then just buy the poster!)

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