This is a reminder to always keep a good attitude.




Here are my ideas to do that!

Be proud of where you are in the moment. You’ve come this far and that means a lot. Yes, there is a ways to go, but that is what keeps our stories interesting! Make a list of things you’ve accomplished thus far – even if you have a hard time, push through and make that list no matter what the size ofthe accomplishment. These are your little flakes of glitter! Let them shine bright! Hold onto and WORK them, build upon them! If you can strive to see the positivity in every situation – or recognize the ability to walk away from the negative ones, your days will be much easier and more meaningful.

Stand up tall, put your best foot forward. Take action and don’t get butt hurt if the things you want don’t come your way as planned. Sometimes you have to rearrange and go after Plan B. And often times, Plan B turns out to be the better option!

Remember light reflects off of light, so do your best to make your life sparkle one way or another!



Kathy 🙂

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