This is my latest painting/illustration! It’s called “Radiate Happiness in Every Step.”

It’s inspired by the idea of being responsible for the energy you bring. Whether it is a family gathering, work, craft night, hanging with the kids, whatever – it’s a reminder to set the mood in a good place. I left the girl’s dress blank, because along the way of creating this piece, I didn’t know what to do with it. I figured it would eventually come to me. Then I realized that not only is it good contrast, but it also has a message: If you radiate good energy, it will outshine any fancy outfit. The clothing doesn’t matter, it is how you project yourself in any given situation!

Also, radiate a step of happiness in honor of those who are going through a difficult time!

I hope you like it! I want to get started on more paintings, are there any themes you want me to tackle?


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